Super Mario Maker (2)?

Since the original Super Mario Maker debuted to great acclaim on the Wii U (and earned a port to the 3DS as well), owners of Nintendo’s latest console, the Switch, have been wondering if a port of Super Mario Maker, or a sequel, might wind its way to the new hardware. After all, Breath of the Wild started life as a Wii U game before being ported to the Switch, and Mario Kart 8 was also ported, whilst Splatoon merited a sequel for the Switch. It would surely make sense for Nintendo to release one of their most popular and successful Wii U titles for their new flagship machine?

I don’t know what the likelihood is of this happening, but given Nintendo’s recent (and baffling) decision to not release a mainstream Pokémon game for the Switch (at least, not yet), I won’t hold my breath. It’s odd that Nintendo won’t offer up the support of  their biggest and best-selling titles for their new premier console. I can only hope they know what they are doing.



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